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· Worlds Collide
· Wildhearted Installation
· Penland School of Craft
· Ware
· Balloon Babies 
· Pedant Installation

I’ve spent 15 years designing
for brands in New York, Portland
and San Francisco. Returning to clay
has reconnected me with the infinite
dimensions of the natural world.

My work is an examination of the
fearless clash of form and function.
Disturbing domestic objects with
organic shapes that break down
stereotypes. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look
more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in
the unexpected.

I hold a BFA from Kendall College
of Art and Design.


Email: agraydaypottery@gmail.com

Balloon Babies

It’s like we’re old friends, we always
pick up where we left off. 

Originally I made these forms out of paper mache. As I got back into clay, I began to experiment with them alone, then as clusters. I’m still working with my balloon babies today and stretching them farther than I could have imagined. 

Thanks to all the studios who have
supported and fired these pieces:  

    + OCC Farmington Hills
    + University of California
    + Potters Studio Berkeley
    + Menlo Park Senior Center
    + The Clay Compound
    + The Mud Room
    + WareWolves